Amenorrhea Prevention

How to prevent Amenorrhea?

1. Hypomenorrhea or the later Menstrual period can cause amenorrhea, actively cured hypomenorrhea, can reduce the incidence of amenorrhea.

2. Make clear the cause and locations of amenorrhea, can help to treatment and prognosis of amenorrhea. If Hypothalamic amenorrhea, or amenorrhea that caused by the spirit of factors, environmental changes, malnutrition, medication would have better prognosis. If amenorrhea that caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and uterine endometrium has been destroyed, so less possibility of the resumption of menstruation. If amenorrhea with positive progesterone test, would have a better prognosis.

3, Amenorrhea and infertility because of families, environment cause the spirit of depression, clinical examination and laboratory tests have no significant abnormal, for these patients use drugs, and at the same time give spirit comfort and encouragement, once relieve the cerebral cortex inhibition, can resume Menstrual period and pregnancy.

5, Some women take weight loss pillsand and cause amenorrhea, or due obesity to go on a diet, leading to anorexia and amenorrhea. In addition many times pedestrian flow can cause amenorrhea, the above amenorrhea can be prevented.

6, Can drug treatment for intractable amenorrhea.

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