Amenorrhea is condition that absence of menstruation, stop menstruation after already menstrual cycle. Amenorrhea is a common gynecological disease, divided into two types: primary Amenorrhea and secondary Amenorrhea. primary amenorrhea is that over 14 years of girl had yet to come menstruation, it often is caused by congenital anomalies, including ovarian or mullerian dysplasia. Secondary amenorrhea is that Menstrual period has stopped for over 6 months (except for pregnancy or breast-feeding), and often caused by secondary diseases. True amenorrhea is absence of menstruation that can be caused by the spirit of factors, malnutrition, anemia, tuberculosis, excessive curettage, endocrine disorders. Recessive amenorrhea is a result in congenital hypogenesis or acquired injure to cause reproductive tract adhesions or close, and lead to menstrual discharges.

Amenorrhea causes include functional and organic. The hypothalamus – pituitary – ovarian axis dysfunction induced amenorrhea is a functional amenorrhea; organic factors such as genital hypoplasia, cancer, trauma, chronic wasting disease. According to different anatomical, can divided into amenorrhea uterine, ovarian amenorrhea, pituitary and hypothalamic amenorrhea.

The diagnosis of Amenorrhea need physical examination. Endocrine inspection include the following: basal body temperature, vaginal smears, the crystallization of cervical mucus, endometrial biopsy. Determination of blood hormone levels, including: prolactin, luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, therapeutic check artificial such as progesterone withdrawal test and menstruation cycle test, if necessary, also the determination of adrenal and thyroid function.

If occur amenorrhea, it should be timely to found the cause and symptomatic treatment, generally have better effects. Otherwise, the long term amenorrhea, will be more severe uterine atrophy, treatment effects will be worse. The girl can or can’t cure amenorrhea the depends on the causes of amenorrhea. For example, adolescent secondary amenorrhea, often due to environmental, mood and weight changes, through remove these causes, menstruation can be cured. If amenorrhea that caused by illness, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid dysfunction, tuberculosis bacteria, through treatment, also can return menstruation period. But some amenorrhea can not be cured, which are the condition such as the birth is not the uterus, uterine endometrium is too small or has been damaged due to disease.

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