An Overview Of The Madison Medical School

The Madison Medical School of the University of Wisconsin is a very famous medical school. The Madison School of Medicine provides quality education in Physiology, Nursing and Pediatrics. The school has several important departments like the:

Department of Pediatrics The Pediatrics department of the Madison School of Medicine promotes health of the adolescents and children. It conducts a very balanced program through research and also provides remarkable educational opportunities. It provides high-quality service and clinical care. It also vigorously advocates for the betterment of health of adolescents and children.

Department of Physiology The Physiology department of the Madison School of Medicine is responsible for developing new approaches to study organs, higher-level body systems and cells. This department works in the realm of understanding the function of the cells and organs. The very focus of this department is to understand the basis of dysfunctional body systems and work towards improving the health of the people.The Physiology department of the Madison School of Medicine has been recognized internationally for pioneering different approaches, interdisciplinary and innovative approach to study the functioning of the human organs and cells.

This department has received many awards for its commitment to the education and development of the teaching techniques. Following are some of the awards won by the Physiology department of the Madison School of the Medicine.

In 2003, it was ranked eight in the U.S. by the extramural funding. In 2003, the Physiology department received $ 10000,000 in the support of extramural. This department consists of 23 faculty members, 11 affiliate faculty members and two trainers.

The department has published more than 200 research articles related with diverse areas like endocrinology, system neuroscience, cardiovascular physiology and cellular and molecular system. The physiology department has developed the M.S Biotechnology program. This program strengthens the joint research between research laboratories and faculty apart from providing training course in this field.

The major goal of the department of the medical informatics and biostatistics of the Madison School of Medicine is to collaborate in the conduct, design and analysis of the clinical, epidemiologic and laboratory studies and clinical trials in different departments and disciplines of the biomedical field.

The Madison School of Medicine also provides top nursing education. Because of the development of the several nursing homes and hospitals, the importance of the nurses has increased across the world. There are many medical schools which specialize in training of nurses and Madison School of Medicine is one such school.

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