Applying For A Medical School Scholarships

Studying in a medical college and pursuing a medical course is quite a costly affair. Right from the application procedure to the tuition fees, the whole process requires a lot of money. Normal middle-class families find it difficult to meet the financial obligations of education in a medical school. The college authorities as well a lot of private organizations have noticed this and have come with scholarships for the students from the stream of medical studies. Although, the scholarships do not entirely cover up the tuition and other related costs of the medical course, they do relieve from a lot of expenses in the form of financial aid. Here, we will talk about the scholarships offered by the private organizations.

National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Scholarships – This scholarship program offers benefits of up to four years. It includes tuition fess, costs of books and other supplies. Stipends are given on a monthly basis. Regarding the eligibility, the applicant must be a citizen of U.S. and must have studied in a fully-accredited institution. The applicant can be a student of any one of the branches of medical studies Allopathic or Osteopathic, Nursing, Dental Studies and the Physician Assistant course.

Herbert W. Nickens Medical Student Scholarships This scholarship program is awarded every year to five students who are in the third year of medical school and have demonstrated leadership qualities and have also done considerable work for the upliftment of educational and healthcare needs of the minorities of the United States. Regarding eligibility, the applicant must be a three-year medical student and a permanent resident of U.S. The recipients of this scholarship get an amount of $5000.

Chinese American Medical Society – this organization offers three-to-five scholarships to outstanding medical students of Chinese origin who have settled in United States.

The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) – is an organization that offers a lot of help to Italian American students who have excelled in the field of medical science. This society has an educational budget of $10,00,000. The range of scholarships is between $2500 -$10000. The scholarships cover only tuition, food and lodging facilities. Scholarships are basically for one year. But the recipients of scholarships can reapply the next year for the scholarship. Before applying for this scholarship program, the applicant has also to fulfill certain criteria. He should be a permanent citizen of U.S., must have got admission in a U.S.-accredited medical institute and have good grades.

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