Centrex Phone System

Centrex phone system is one of the oldest phone system, it was invented 1960 to replace the PBX switchboards. Centrex phone system allows you as a customer to subscribe various features like you can always add or remove line and other features. Some of the standard features of centrex phone system are: Transfering a call, Direct inward calling and Direct outward calling, Automatic calling from a busy line to another designated line, Station line identification, Line restriction, and three way calling. These are some of the most basic and standard features of centrex phone system.

Let us also discuss some additional or you can say optional features of centrex system and these additional features are voice mail, automatic call back, call forwarding if line is busy, call forwarding if we don’t answer, call forwarding and keeping call on hold, call return, call park and call sreen, call trace, call waiting incoming, call tracing, caller ID, directed call pick up, and Direct inward dial to direct outward dial transfer, Distinctive ringing, Executive busy override, and meet me conference, flexible route selection, and remote access to call forwarding, paging, priority call ringing. sectional billing, repeat dialling, select call forwarding, select call acceptance, calling up with speed. Even though many of the features we tried to list here, but still there are many other features which are basic and don’t need to mention here.

Centrex phone systems also has many security features like if your business requires additional security features, then centrex phone system will provide it to you. Very sensitive office like political offices or hospitals which require additional security features of call tracing and recording, which can be provided by centrex phone system. Centrex also provide data services, but these services are relatively slow speed of 56 and 64 kbits. For knowing the more feature and other latest technology you can always visit to the official website of centrex phone.

For knowing the price of the centrex phone system you can call them and request for the price catalogue. And regarding the service and support of the centrex phone system, it comes with providing you access to training materials for the features you have purchased, so overall you can say it is the best product to buy if you are concerned for security features and other basic features. Overall feedback of the phone system is positive and it is a product worth buying.

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