E-cigarette benefits in a nutshell

Many people wonder whether it may be worth it to switch to e-cigarettes, but aren’t sure if they will really benefit them. After all, don’t e-cigarettes also contain nicotine? The answer is yes, but according to many people, nicotine is a lot like caffeine and not the most harmful substance in tobacco smoke. It’s actually the tar, carbon monoxide, and dozens of other chemicals that do the real harm. Therefore, by switching to ecigs, you should in theory realize many health benefits despite the fact that you’re still getting nicotine.

By searching online on forums, I’ve found that a lot of people see noticeable improvements to their health after quitting smoking and moving onto ecigs instead. These improvements include being able to breathe better, having whiter teeth, and a clearer throat.

In addition to health benefits, here are other reasons why I find e-cigarettes to be superior to regular cigarettes smoking:

They are cheaper. A lot, lot, cheaper in fact. According to some online calculators, even a moderate smoker stands to save thousands of dollars per year by using e-cigarettes. Your savings can be even larger if you use online coupons and do things like create your own e-liquids and fill up your own cartridges or clearomizers. Either way, you’ll have a lot of money left over to spend on other things. Go to an e-cigarette website like http://e-cigbargains.com for good places to buy e-cigarettes for less.
The water vapors have little or no odor. This makes it almost a nonissue to vape indoors or in front of other people. In fact, many vapers use their ecigs in public spots like restaurants or stores without an issue.
They are easier to deal with. Since they are no fire risk, you can vape in bed, and also don’t have to hunt for an ash tray every time you decide to vape.
With all that said, I advise staying away from the e-cigarettes sold at convenience stores. You want to buy your device from a reputable online e-cigarette store like Volcano E-cig. I like this store because it has some of the best e-cigarette batteries I’ve used, and offers competitive prices as well, especially when you take advantage of aVolcano E-cig coupon, which you can get at E-cigbargains.com

Aside from the benefits listed above, e-cigs can also serve as a very effective smoking cessation tool. In fact, many people use them solely for this purpose. I for one believe it’s much better to rely on e-cigs instead of other quit smoking tools like gum or patches. In the worst case scenario, if you find yourself unable to wean of nicotine, you’ll end up with a much cleaner habit than smoking traditional cigarettes.

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