Florescent Light Fixtures

Florescent Light Fixtures are compact and are available in various types and models. The main purpose of Florescent Light Fixtures is energy saving and it has been proved that these Florescent Light Fixtures consume only one third of power compared to other lamps and incandescent bulbs. People prefer these fixtures mainly for this reason of energy saving and reduced heat from the fixtures. Considering the initial cost of these fixtures, it costs 10 times more than the incandescent lamps but in the long run considering the power consumption and long lasting nature, these Florescent Light Fixtures score over the incandescent lamps and is a means of cost costing. Many people do not understand this fact and consider that the Florescent Light Fixtures are of high cost and prefer the ordinary incandescent lamps due to low cost.

The applications of these fixtures are varied from ordinary lights to ceiling decorators and as a value addition these fixtures come with energy board star rating and it is worth the money that is paid to purchase these fixtures. These types of fixtures are commonly found in ready made apartments especially in kitchens adopting the European style and the kitchen looks marvelous during night. These Florescent Light Fixtures find their applications in bath rooms also and are mainly used as mirror lights mounted either vertically or horizontally making the bath room pleasant looking with numerous lamps. Most of the apartments that are being built are fully covered and decorated with the Florescent Light Fixtures. Most of the corporate especially the Information technology companies rent these apartments and look like five star hotels in the night.

From a common man’s perspective, these Florescent Light Fixtures are still considered expensive and it will take time for these fixtures in shining in the house holds especially in the developing countries. The recent buzz is going green and these Florescent Light Fixtures are a means of achieving this and are considered to be environment friendly contributing less to the global warming phenomenon which is getting serious as the days pass by with adverse climate changes and people dying in big groups due to natural disasters. Hence it is our utmost duty to keep the environment clean and the usage of Florescent Light Fixtures is a means of contributing to the environment. These are some of the wide applications of the Florescent Light Fixtures and its contribution to the society as a whole.

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