Gaining Admission Into A Medical School

To become a doctor and help the needy is a dream of many aspiring students. There are few professions in this world that give the whole package name, money, recognition and job satisfaction. This is one of the main reasons for which medical school admissions is a tough and lengthy process. It generally involves four basic entities the MCAT (the entrance examination), AMCAS (the procedure of applying), letters of recommendation, and, finally, the personal statement.

MCAT this is the first step in the process of admission. All students who want to get admission in a medical college must take this exam. This exam is held twice a year in the month of April and in August. This test is a parameter to judge your knowledge on subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, organic chemistry and English. The paper is divided into four sections with only one section being subjective and all others are objective, multiple-choice type questions. Fee for this exam is $160. Although this exam is held twice a year, it is suggested by experts that one should take the MCAT which is held in April. This is because medical schools state specifically that all the documents should reach them by November. But those who take the August MCAT can hardly do that as the results are declared much later than November.

AMCAS this is a computerized program through which you can apply to almost all the medical schools in the United States. Only medical schools situated in Texas and those of the Ivy League are excluded. This program runs on all IBM compatible computers. This mode of applying is chosen so that if any mistakes occur while writing the application, it can be corrected easily. Cost of AMCAS is $30 per school. Here, you can mark out the individual medical school that you desire to apply. If they find you eligible then the medical school will send you an additional supplemental form.

Letters of recommendation this is also an important part of the admission process. You need to submit letters of recommendation either from the premedical committee of your undergraduate school or from a faculty member of your science department. It should state that you have done considerable work while in school and that you fulfill all the academic requirements. In case that you fail to get them, you need to personally explain your situation to the admissions committee.

Personal statement this is the single-most important factor which is often ignored by many aspiring students. This is an essay where you are required to write about yourself and is overlooked by many. People assume that high grades are enough, but this is not entirely true. The purpose of this personal statement is to judge the intelligence, leadership qualities, maturity and the level of dedication in a student.

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