Getting Admission In A Medical School

Medical schools offer training in various specialized fields medical science. Medical schools teach, train and further enhance the skills and knowledge of medical students. They train them in the profession of a medical practitioner. Medical schools help students in building a career in the profession of the medical sciences. They train students to become doctors, nurses, administrators, technicians and therapists. Medical students can choose different curriculums after getting admission in the medical school as these schools provides many options to the students for medical degrees. But a major hurdle in pursuing the above-mentioned lies with the process of gaining admission in a medical school. Every medical school has its own procedures and criteria for accepting students.

Admission Criteria

For different medical schools the criteria of granting admissions is different. It varies from school-to-school. But all most all the medical schools consider those students who have passed through the Medical College Admission Test. This test is a standardized examination for potential medical candidates in the United States of America. Medical College Admission Test demands reading, writing, critical thinking and problem solving skills from the medical candidates in addition to the basic knowledge of scientific principles and concepts.

The Medical College Admission Test covers sections from biological sciences, physical sciences, writing and verbal sciences. In order to score good marks in the Medical College Admission Test it is advised to go through a preparatory course in MCAT test. It is estimated that about 70-80 % of all the medical aspirants have undergone the Medical College Admission Test preparatory course. Besides MCAT preparatory course, there are other preparatory materials also available. Other preparatory courses include classroom and book-based courses, computerized and print practice tests offered by various medical test preparation institutes.

Co-curricular activities also play a very important role for having admission in the medical schools. As some medical schools deny admission to the applicants if they do not have any co-curricular activity. For some medical schools co-curricular activities are necessary to be a competitive medical applicant. Some medical schools deny the admission of the applicant if he or she has never been enrolled in a clinical setting.

Areas of Evaluation – The different areas used to evaluate the competency of the medical candidate by the admission committees are: * The GPA * The MACT scores * The application material * The recommendation letters by physicians or faculty who interacted with the applicant during co-curricular activities * The personal interview

The medical schools are in search of those students who love to learn the medical sciences and are passionate about making a career in field of medical sciences. These schools require those students who are ready to give time and willing to contribute his or her services in the profession of medical sciences. It is very important to note that the right choice of the medical schools also plays a very important role in nurturing the future of the candidate. The candidates should be aware of the courses offered in the medical schools prior to taking admission and the reputation and accreditation of the institute and the professional acceptance of the courses being offered.

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