Guide To Getting Admission In The Caribbean Medical School

The Caribbean Medical School trains medical students for medical training in Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Jamaica. Some of these schools are accredited and are very cost effective and that’s why students come from across the world and join these schools to get a medical degree.

Admission criteria The admission criteria in the Caribbean Medical Schools are less cumbersome than it is in the any other United States medical school. This is the one reason why students from Canada and the U.S. seek admission in these medical schools. For those students who have been denied admission in Canada and the U.S. due to poor grades the Caribbean Medical Schools offers a good option. But still a personal statement is necessary to take the admission in the medical schools. This is because it is necessary to convince the admitting authorities at these medical schools about the very purpose of seeking admission.

There are three annual admission rows at the Caribbean Medical Schools. Some foreign students can get scholarships during their course of the study in one of the Caribbean Medical Schools. But the immigration process can be tedious. It should be noted that all the Caribbean Medical Schools are not recognized. This means that passing from these schools will not enable a student to qualify for doing practice in Canada or the United States of America. The problem of foreign language is another major hurdle while studying at medical schools in Caribbean. These factors can prevent the students from having a practical exposure of the study course.

A career in medical sciences is very rewarding and satisfying, provided one has got proper theoretical and practical training from an accredited medical school. It also depends up on the choices and preferences of the medical practitioners. There is a need to have passion towards medical learning. Passion and aptitude for the medical profession matter a lot. Apart from this, the choice of a good medical school to provide a better medium to study and practice medicine is vital.

So, it is advisable to take proper care prior to seeking admission in any Caribbean Medical School. It is necessary to make a proper investigation about the courses offered by these schools. Only some of them are recognized and provide good training in the study of medical sciences. A student must be familiar about different courses offered by the different medical schools in the Caribbean.

At last what matters is that a student should get an opportunity for doing medical practice from a recognized medical center. So, the accredition of a medical school must be checked out thoroughly before enrolling in them.

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