Harvard Medical School – Medical School Admissions

Harvard Medical School is one of the top-most medical schools in the U.S. After getting training from the Harvard Medical University, students can pursue careers as therapists, doctors, administrators, nurses and technicians. Harvard Medical University is the most sought after destination for the medical students and medical practitioners. For health professionals and physicians, Harvard Medical University provides continuing education in medical treatment and other medical specializations.

Harvard Medical School is an esteemed medical school of America and stands out amongst the best graduate medical schools, This medical school is located at Boston, Massachusetts. The Harvard Medical School was founded in 1782 by Dr. John Warren. He founded this medical school with a faculty of three members, namely Aaron Dexter, Benjamin Waterhouse and John Warren. The two students from the very first class were graduated in 1788. The school held its first class in the basement of the Harvard Hall.

By the end of the year 2006, Harvard Medical School was home to 616 medical students in the M.D course, 435 in the Ph.D course and 155 in the M.D-Ph.D course. The M.D-Ph.D course from the Harvard Medical School allows the medical students to have an M.D from the Harvard School and a Ph.D from either Massachusetts Institute of Technology or the Harvard School.

The Harvard Medical School has a very distinguished faculty with members to provide support in its mission of research, clinical care and theoretical and practical education. Nearly, the whole faculty of the Harvard Medical School holds appointments in the Science section of the Harvard Medical School Quadrangle and in the clinical department of the Harvard-affiliated hospitals. There are approximately 2900 part-time and full-time members that include professors, associates and assistants. Apart from these there are 5000 part and full-time instructors at the Harvard Medical School.

The Harvard Medical School is affiliated with three medical institutions. The faculty and students often refer all of the three institutions as the Harvard Trinity. This is because of the fact that these affiliations have lasted for a long time and all the departments are affiliated with the medical school directly. The three major teaching affiliates of the Harvard Medical Schools are:

* Massachusetts General Hospital * Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center * Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Apart from these affiliations, Harvard Medical School has other teaching affiliations .These include: Cambridge Hospital, McLean Hospital, the Forsyth Institute, Children’s Hospital Boston and Mount Auburn Hospital. Harvard Medical School is separated into five societies. They are named after popular Harvard Medical School alums.

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