Hit Those Zits With Home Cures

Zits appear exactly the time when you do not want them too, that is, when you are working hard to woo that pretty gal and a zit pops out mercilessly! Talk about teenage agony!

Medical experts have found what zits are, but are still struggling to understand what exactly causes them. The most common explanation given by experts is the effect of hormonal changes taking place in your body during certain stages of life, such as puberty. This explains the age-old relationship of zits and teenagers!

Zits are nothing abnormal though. However, tell this to a teenager! For them, zits are a no. 1 enemy who has made life miserable. They are one of the chief reasons for a lower self-esteem in teens.

Myths Busted About Zits

Here are some common myths that people have about Zits:

Myth#1: You get zits only on the face

Fact: You can get zits on any part of your body such as neck, back, shoulders, and so on. However, face is the most common place to get them.

Myth#2: Popping zits cures them faster

Fact: You are digging your own grave by popping the zits. Popping zits leads to permanent scars. So, just leave them alone. If you simply cannot resist the temptation of picking at zits, do it for simple ones. Do not touch the deep ones.

Myth#3: You get zits by eating excessive chocolate.

Fact: There is no correlation of eating chocolates and getting zits. It has been proved by doctors that fatty foods DO NOT cause zits. So, indulge in the dark sin!

Myth#4: You will get zits if you do not wash your face well.

Fact: The opposite is true. Excessive washing of face with strong soaps strips off the natural moisture from your skin making it prone to breakouts.

Zits go away with time. However, right now, it seems that they are going to stay forever! There are no reports found as such that reveal about anybody suffering from zits the whole life. However, a severe case of acne may cause scars that remain life long.

Six out of ten people between 12 to 24 years of age are prone to zits. The most sought after treatment is that of zits. This chronic skin inflammatory problem has made people seek desperate measures, spend sleepless nights, lose their confidence, and look into the mirrors for hours together hoping for that horrible thing to vanish!

Home Remedies For Zits

Here is a list of some common home remedies for Zits:

Orange Peel Treatment

Dry the orange peels. Batter them with a stone. Prepare a paste with water and apply over the affected area. Leave it to dry and wash off with water.

Acne Cure With Lemon

Dab some cotton dipped in lemon juice over the zits and acne. If you have sensitive skin, dilute the lemon juice with a few drops of water. Leave it for or 5 minutes. Do this twice a day daily.

Garlic Treatment

Garlic has proved to be quite effective in curing acne. It is known to have fought some of the toughest acne and zits. Rubbing garlic over the affected areas many times a day works wonders. Your skin will be cleared of pimples, boils, and spots! In addition to this, eating three cloves of raw garlic everyday for a month is the perfect recipe for a glowing skin! Garlic purifies your blood and keeps acne at bay.

Coriander And Mint Juice Treatment

To fight off those blackheads and pimples, mix a teaspoon of coriander juice with a pinch of turmeric powder and apply it to the face. Rinse it with water. Do this everyday before hitting the bed. You can use mint in place of coriander in the same manner.

Easy Ways To Ward Off Zits

Keep your face clean. Dirt and oil is an unwanted feature on the face. Although it has not been proven that dirt and oil cause zits, you would not like to take risk, would you?

Follow a healthy diet. Again, it has not been proven that zits are caused by foods, yet there are some foods that may heighten the glands in some of you.

If you find zits turning out to be a serious problem, consult your dermatologist for a dose of antibiotics. They kill the bacteria and cure acne.

Bacitracyn is an over-the-counter agent that destroys bacteria and helps to cure acne.

Take Vitamin A and E supplements (of course, after consulting your doctor). Both the vitamins are antioxidants that fight off acne-causing bacteria. Vitamin E alleviates and heals the scars when applied to them.

Always shower after vigorous workout to eliminate sweat and dirt.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday. Water flushes out toxins from your body and keeps your skin supple.

This zit home remedy kit will not eliminate your acne problem altogether, but may help you keep it under control and reduce the outbreaks.

Are The Commercials True To Their Words?

You might have watched those vivid commercials claiming to cure your zits in no time with their brand new medicated pads. Chances are that such medicated pads are actually one of the over-the-counter medications such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and sulfur. However, do not expect them to banish your zits in a day or two, as most teenagers want it like that. Research has shown that even the best acne cure may take around 8 weeks to show considerable results. Therefore, it is the wait and watch policy with over-the-counter medications and ultra modern commercial products.

It would be wise to stop looking for overnight cures for zits. There really is not any. Here is one tried and tested method to cure acne: consult your dermatologist, follow his or her prescription, and combine this treatment with a regular skin care. It includes gentle cleansing of your skin, careful shaving for males, and careful application of cosmetics for females. This is the ultimate way to work towards a healthier and cleaner complexion.

Do not think getting zits is the end of the world. It is a passing phase of life. Yesterday, somebody else had to deal with it; today, it is your turn!

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