How to Use Kratom Products Responsibly and Safely in 10 Steps

Other USA states and cities allow the sale of kratom products, for people 18 years and older.
My honest advice, is do not experiment with things like this, before you’re the age 24, because technically, you do not stop growing & evolving from youth.

It’s very important to know and understand the physiological aspects of customer’s, such as opinions, testimonies, experiences, side effects, and overall rating of the product, and they’re likelihood to purchase it again.

4.) If you read a story about a particular general head shop accessory item, in addition to products brand or manufacturer involved in a accidental overdose or serious side effect, you should under no circumstances consume the product in question.

Do not take chances, this world can be very unforgiving and unfair, to even the best of people. Keep your family, friends, and children safe, by educating them on the proper ways to use medication and dietary supplements.
5.) Once you’ve found a brand that you can trust, stick with it, and avoid venturing out to test other products, it’s very likely to start a chain of events, resulting in the use of many products.

This is one of the most dangerous things one can do, simply , because the average retail outlet, will carry local brands, that are in fact, illegally run operations.
These types of events occurred a lot, within the herbal incense industry, which by now, should be completely illegal on a Federal, State, and Local level across the United States of America.

6.) Unfortunately, the majority of kratom supplies being manufactured in the U.S.A, are not examined and evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and other major agency, and can contain lethal doses.

Many manufacturer’s are making this in they’re garage, and do not use real scientists, this is completely unethical and scarey. This is the sole reason why, it could be a risk using a product, that is not well known or researched.

7.) Do not attempt to make this product in you’re home, and especially, do not sell it or give it to others, without the proper licenses, facilities, equipment, law knowledge, and product toxicology reports.

8.) Under no circumstances, should you be operating heavy machinery, vehicles, or playing with or around dangerous things & activities.

Breaking this rule and step, can land you with a DUI or even much more extremely horrific results, that you’ll never forgive yourself for.

Tip: Take half of the recommended dosage, for your first few experiences, to determine the level of tolerance, you’re body is accustom to.



This is always, one of the absolutely most important things one must do, before moving ahead. It’s a dangerous world and those whom are endangering others, by creating an impure product, have a significant chance of finding themselves arrest, and going to prison, for a very long time. And, I mean the penitentiary, not jail.

10.) Always, keep out of reach of children, teenagers, young adults, and even full grown adults.

You should speak to a doctor or doctor’s representative, and ask them, if the supplement is right for you, based off of the sum of you’re health strengths and weaknesses.
Women whom are pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant, having unprotected inter-course, or trying to get pregnant, should not take any kratom dietary supplement or any closely related supplements, for example; Kava Kava, Blue Lotus, Salvia, Damiana, etc.

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