International Medical Schools – Medical School Admissions

There are many international medical schools which offer medical education in different forms. Some of them are highly prestigious and offer quality education in different branches of the medical specialization. Some of the major international medical schools are:

* Harvard Medical School * Cincinnati Medical School * Medical School Boston * Caribbean Medical School * Arizona Medical School * Mayo Medical School

These international medical schools provide recognized programs in medical sciences. Harvard Medical School is one of the oldest medical school in the U.S. It was founded by Dr. John Warren in 1782 with the help of three faculty members. Harvard Medical School provides training in different medical specializations. Harvard Medical School has a very distinguished faculty which holds appointments in various clinical and medical centers and other Harvard-affiliated medical centers. Harvard Medical School is affiliated with three institutions namely, Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Medical aspirants who wish to join Harvard Medical School because of the quality medical practice it provides and its distinguished faculty.
Mayo Medical School provides degree certification in medicine. It is recognized by the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges. This school is a part of Mayo Medical Clinic at Minnesota in Rochester. The Mayo Medical Clinic has a distinguished history in providing medical education. It was in fact a pioneer in providing post graduation education for the doctors. In a very small span of time Mayo Medical School has risen to become one of the most prestigious medical institutes of the United States of America.

Caribbean medical schools are a very cost effective medium of education in the medical field. It trains medical students for training in U.S. Virgin Islands, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. Some of them are accredited. Admission procedures in Caribbean medical schools are little tedious than in other medical schools But the accreditation should be checked out. There is some problem related with the Caribbean medical schools. These include the language-barrier problem and the problem of non-accreditation. Students from a Caribbean medical school that is not accredited would find it very hard to get any practical exposure. Students must take care of these things prior to taking admission in a Caribbean medical school.

For those who want to pursue massage therapy, the Arizona Medical School is a perfect fit. This school provides basic practical and conceptual training in the natural healing techniques and the intricacies of massage therapy. The course includes classroom learning in Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology. Apart from these, additional courses include theory and practice of aromatherapy, massage, first aid, pathology, kinesiology and hygiene.

Cincinnati Medical School established in 1970 attracts the top medical aspirants from across the world. It is enjoying the reputation of being the leader in research and clinical training for more than thirty years. The Boston Medical School is a medical school situated in the south-end of Boston, Massachusetts. It offers medical aspirants an MD degree with the choice of either doing MPH, MBA or Ph.D.

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