Making The Most Of Your Medical Aid

With our economy in the state it is in nobody can afford to fritter away their hard earned paychecks. While your medical aid may be accountable for health related expenses, keeping your funds save is your responsibility!

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Remember that this is not the kind of thing you rush into. Picking the first and best medical aid plan could end up disastrous and if you don’t choose the best scheme for your specific needs you could end up wasting your time and money.

Get The Guidelines
The Registrar of Medical Schemes has made sure that there are simple guidelines for all schemes to follow. They have approved a set of rules that determine conditions for membership and remuneration. If you don’t adhere to these rules you will be penalized. payment of bills could be compromised and your membership could even be terminated!

Finding The Fine Print
Be careful not to fall for marketing ploys as advertisements may mislead you. at first glance some medical aid plans may look fantastic but further investigation will prove otherwise. promises on paper may not be all that it seems and if you want to save yourself some great disappointment you will have to keep your wits about you!

It may look great if a plan promises to pay 100% of all your claims, but be sure what this 100% really refers to. It may be its only 100% of the NHRPL tariff and they might not be telling you about limitations and exclusions.

Do You Have Money To Waste? Then Don’t!
If you don’t want to waste your hard earned money you should look for a medical aid plan that will be a saving for you! Take your current day to day medical expenses and add them together if you want to get an overall idea of what you pay on doctor’s bills annually. Having these numbers at hand could help you make the right choice between a basic hospital plan and a full comprehensive option.

How Does One Choose?
Keep in mind that the main differences between the two options are cost and cover. in a sense, you get what you pay for. while a comprehensive plan may have few limitations it has quite a high price. they may offer you a wide variety of coverage for whichever situation you find yourself in, but it will cost you!

on the other hand you have the basic hospital plan. the basic plan may have some restrictions, and is limited mostly to hospital procedures but it’s much more affordable.

Remember that in the end, any cover is good cover.
Save Your Paperwork, Save Your Money
Keep track of all paper work since medical aid schemes are strict in this matter. All bills you wish to be taken care of needs to be submitted within three months paying and should you submit your paperwork late you could be penalized, some schemes will full out refuse to pay!

Make a habit of reviewing your medical aid claim statements and be sure you understand which benefits come from which claim. This will help to eliminate any irregularities and misunderstandings.

Since the medial aid scheme has no way of knowing what actually happened in the consultation room or hospital, you will have to step up and play an active role if you wish to protect your benefits from potential abuse and misconduct.

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