Mechanism of Hair-loss

Hair loss is a condition of gradual losing of hair in the body, mainly on head. The hair loss due to genetic disorders is most common cause among all other causes. Some of the deficiencies in the genome sequence that is, the haploid set of chromosomes that transfers from the parent to sibling which carries this deficient genome is the most common reason for genetic hair loss.

Unlike other genetic disorders which results in serious health hazards, the genetic hair loss may not have any physical health problems but it mentally affect the person as it dulls the physical appearance of a person which is considered as the most essential thing by many of the men and women in this competitive job world. The genetic hair loss may occur at any age which we can’t predict exactly. Men are most vulnerable to this hair loss than women.

Origin of Genetic Hair Loss

It is considered that dandruff, diseases, aging and testosterone (the male sex hormone) are some of the reasons for hair loss but now it’s proved scientifically that these will not ignite hair loss but may make the conditions worse if the victim may already have the hair loss.

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