Medical Tourism Recovers your Most Valued Resources

Those in the medical tourism industry recognize that time is a precious commodity, as is money. Medical tourism is the practice of traveling to another country to receive lower cost, world class medical treatment in a timely manner. It is an option that allows the individual to save time and money, and enjoy some leisure at the same time.

One aspect of medical tourism is to provide options to those who have little vacation or sick leave available to them. Multitasking is not new in the business world, and countries desiring to attract the medical tourist are appealing to those who would like to have an exotic and affordable vacation, but may feel they need to forgo it, in light of the upcoming surgery in the spring. Many countries are marketing their accredited, resort type facilities, and the amenities of the surrounding countryside to those in need of medical services.

Developing countries offer the same top quality medical services as developed countries, for as little as 10% of the cost! Most procedures are reported to be 1/5 or 1/6 of the quoted price in a developed country. The incredibly discounted prices are not those of the unregulated, back alley operations that are in every corner of the world. These are prices offered by fully accredited state of the art facilities, equipped with the latest technology and staffed with some of the best trained doctors in the world.

An example of cost savings in a heart bypass that would cost 200,000 in a developed country can be obtained from a world class cardiologist and surgeon, for 20,000; airfare included! What individual would turn down the opportunity to save up to 90% of the cost of a medical procedure, and recover in a vacation setting?

Medical tourism is not just for the rich and famous anymore, and Switzerland is not the only destination. About ten years ago, countries in Asia realized that the opportunity exists to fill the unmet needs of millions worldwide. Top quality medical care is available, at a fraction of the price, in a plethora of countries across the world. India and Thailand are currently competing as the forerunners in the medical tourism industry; however they are not the only destination options. Countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Poland and others are offering world class services at third world prices!

A plethora of information is available regarding which facilities are accredited, which have fully trained doctors and which have state of the art equipment and technology. Travel agents are standing by, offering packages that include discounted airfare, ground transportation, all meals and accommodations in a resort type facility, with internationally trained doctors and medical staff who will be extremely attentive before, during and after your procedure. All one really needs to do is to decide where you would like the medical vacation to be!

If the only difference is whether or not the service is on home or foreign soil, one needs to consider again the global community we live in. The world used to be a very large place, and traveling an hour for services was unheard of. Today, people fly all over their homeland to obtain services, but do not often think of traveling outside of the borders of the country. The 21st Century is bringing a new way of getting needs met, and traveling a day to obtain services in another country will soon be as commonplace as traveling a couple of hours within a country is now!

Blue collar workers account for an increasing percentage of people outsourcing their medical needs to the medical tourism industry. Uninsured and underinsured laborers are tired of the rising medical costs and the astronomical

costs of insurance coverage in developed countries.
Case after case is being shared about blue collar workers seeking alternatives to the out of control healthcare costs at home. A typical scenario is that of a laborer who suddenly finds himself in need of heart surgery or a knee replacement. The choice for many of these workers is to either do without the surgery, empty out the lifetime savings account, use the retirement account or sell their home. Like millions of others in need of a costly medical procedure, they simply cannot afford it.

This is the 21st Century and we live in a global medical community. Whether you are on a limited income and do not want to choose between vacations and medical needs, or you are someone who desires to use your money in a more wise way; medical tourism is the best option today.

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