Mosaic Warts

Warts are the diseases of the human cell growth. The process of the diseases are caused by the papilloma virus .there are different types of warts in our skin but some form of warts are really dangerous for us. mosaic warts are this type of warts . through this warts the virus are formed into a cluster.

There are many technique produced to control the mosaic warts .they are acid test system, immune system . this process can form the problem on the temporary basis but for the fixed solution of this problem the surgery is needed.

The process of removing the mosaic warts are quite lengthy. The ingredients are required for this purpose are Topical vitamin A cream, Wart-removing salicylic acid , acid therapy. firstly you have to clean the affected area with the soap and water. Then you have to take some time to dry the area . T he sebum of the area of the body is removed by the water. it also helps to maintain the acid on the inner part of the warts . the area should be kept damp..the wet area can cause the other diseases .then use the salicylic acid on the infected area with the brush. Use the brush carefully and make the proper use the acid on the warts . if you use the excessive acid then it will be harm for your skin. You can use a paper on the affected area to make it free from any kinds of dust.

There are a other therapy of the mosaic warts named immunotherapy. this is also treatment of mosaic warts . the mosaic warts can create a huge problem on the areas of the body. The skin can be demolished and discolour for the virus. This virus is also helped to create skin cancer.

Mosaic warts is a dangerous diseases on the skin . it can provide very long term infection on the skin and creates some hazardous position. So proper care should be taken to control it.

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