New Jersey Medical School

New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) is one of the most popular and oldest medicine schools in New Jersey. Initially this school of medicine was named Seton Hall of Medicine and Dentistry. It was established under the aegis of Archdiocese of Newark. In 1965 after being acquired by the New Jersey State the institution was renamed as the NJCMD (New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry). The School of Medicine is a member of the New Jersey Stem Cell Research and Educational Foundation.

There is constant growth of the NJMS on different areas because of the cohesive strength of the students over the years. In 2004, the New Jersey School of Medicine received an extra grant of $104 million for supporting basic translational and clinical research. Major medical institutes have found a place in the New Jersey School of Medicine. These include:

* Institute for Visual Science and Ophthalmology * Global Tuberculosis Institute * Center for Emerging and Reemerging Pathogens.

Summer Internship Program A summer internship program is available every year for the students in the New Jersey School of Medicine. In the summer internship program the faculty allows the students to conduct research in the laboratories. During the internship program the students also get stipends. Every year prospective medical students participate in the internship program. The major thrust on these internship programs is research on cancer, lung, blood and heart.

The Faculty The faculty of the New Jersey School of Medicine is highly accredited. This faculty has given many breakthroughs. Some of them are following:

* They have led the development of the world class Knee replacement technique. * They also developed a method of detecting Lyme disease in its early stage. * They have worked for detecting pediatric AIDS. Besides, they developed a therapy which can help in reducing pre-natal transmission of this fatal disease. * Smoking is one of the biggest reasons for causing cancer. The faculty made a big breakthrough by establishing this fact. It also resulted in the wary note of smoking is injurious to health on the cigarette packets all over the world.

The University Hospital The University Hospital is the main teaching hospital of the New Jersey School of Medicine. It is located in university campus. The University Hospital of the New Jersey school of medicine is also provides charity care.

Other Important Centers, Institutes And Programs The New Jersey School of Medicine is also the center of the two very important medical centers. They are Level 1 Trauma center and Liver Transplant center. The other very important institutes and programs are given below:

Institutes * The New Jersey Cardiovascular Institute (NJCI) * Neurological institute of New Jersey * Center for bloodless surgery and medicine.

Programs * The Cochlear implant program. * A Neurological Intensive Care Unit and Brain tumor program. * Spinal cord injury program

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