Paper Towel Absorb

Have you seen a paper towel? Maybe all of us have this paper towel at home and we use it more often like for example you use it to drain all those fried foods you made, or if you have dirty windows or mirror you wipe it out using this paper towel. You can use it also if you are planning to cook food in your microwave oven like those bacons. You can also use it store and cover those herbs to stay the freshness of it. And you can use it by wiping all those dirt you have in your kitchen, living room or anywhere else. If you are going to put this paper towel in a container with small amount of water you can see that this paper towel absorb the water that you can’t figure out how this paper towel absorb it. But have you been curious how this thing or rather this paper towel absorb some liquid substances especially the water? So let take a look.

This paper towel is made from the cellulose fibers which it can make also into a cotton, woods and even plants. This cellulose fiber is a huge molecule that is has small molecules inside that connect each other. This paper towel when you’re going to look nearly to it you can see that it has a holes like a sponge and usually some cloth construction is like this sponge design in the fiber so that it can absorb same as the sponge. Those tiny holes that you can see gaps or holds the water because of the tension in the surface and this action is commonly occurring between those molecules you can see in the water. Every hole you can see in the paper towel containing this called small bubble for the tension in the surface and it will be formed if the towel has a contact to any liquid substances because this small space in the towel is separating this liquid to the other pores. And it allows this liquid bubble to hold and to be suck upward because each pockets or pores has a small amount of water that makes an strong attraction of intermolecular compare to the gravity pulling the liquid. And if you squeeze this paper towel the water will come out because it breaks the tension of the pores or the pockets that compressed those spaces and liquid molecules is force to flow by the gravity. Another thing is that the molecules that have been combining to make it cellulose called a sugar molecule which is the reason why paper towel absorb liquid.

Those are the reasons why paper towel absorb any kinds of liquid every time you use it. Since it is popularly use in cleaning and doing something to absorb, now we all know how it works.

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