Remedy For Painful Pimples: The List Is Endless

There are several kinds of remedies for painful pimples. However, if there is any home remedy available for any kind of disease, then it is always better to opt for it. This is because in most of the home remedies, there is no harmful side effect and anyone can benefit from these remedies.

Everything From The Kitchen Has Been Tried

When we talk of remedy for painful pimples whether it is a home remedy or any other kind of remedy, people always keep on experimenting with different medicines for it. This is truer in the case of home remedy for painful pimples because almost anything from the kitchen is tried to solve the problem whether it is garlic, potato, basil, vinegar, or any other thing.

Different people have made different claims in this regard. There is no end of the success stories of remedies for painful pimples. There are examples when the pimples have been cured with the help of toothpaste, limejuice, and lemon. In fact, you will find a new suggestion for curing the pimples every week in the journals.

The oil of tea tree has come up with the latest remedy for the painful pimples. Even the dermatologists are accepting it as an effective remedy because it is safe to use. However, there is still confusion whether we should use it as a part of aromatherapy or if it is better to apply directly on the affected part. Similarly, clove oil and fenugreek are also helping as a remedy for painful pimples.

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