Tips To Write The Personal Statement For Admission To Medical Schools

The admission procedure to a medical school involves four important factors MCAT, AMCAS, letters of recommendation and a personal statement. Almost everybody who applies to a medical school has good grades. The deciding factor could be the preparation and presentation of the personal statement. Most people think that a personal statement is just a formality and write it vaguely. But they do not realize that the admission committee of a medical school lays importance on this factor.

Medical schools dont want just scholars but also people who are dedicated to this profession and they want this to reflect in their personality. That is the main purpose of a personal statement. So, here, we give you some of tips that you should follow while writing the personal statement.

Do not simply write a clich\’e9 like I want to be a doctor because I want to help the needy and the poor. This is because medical schools receive thousands of applications with this kind of statement every year. You need to be unique. Write about some specific things that you have done like community service or involvement with some voluntary organizations. This will clearly demonstrate your hunger and passion for this profession. Always try to be interesting in your essay. Do not write down any abstract thoughts. The selection committee reads numerous essays everyday, so do not bore them. Rather bring in something that really interests the reader.

When you describe any personal experience, do it in such a way that the reader experiences the feelings of the applicant. Use short sentences and avoid unnecessary phrases. Also, do not be too wordy. This would help in saving space. Your sentences should be forceful. So, conciseness is very necessary. In many cases, you would also be required to address your negatives or weaknesses. But you have to tactfully convert your weaknesses into advantages. Like if you have bad MCAT scores you cannot cite staying up late before the MCAT exam as a reason.

Instead, you can state sickness as the reason. In case you do not have any voluntary experience, then you can say that it was necessary to work in order to pay for your studies. Also, you must stress in your essay that you are trying to improve upon your weaknesses.

Many times it happens that you have a lot to write about but have a certain word limit. Here, you need to be focused. Finally, make as many revisions as possible and look for mistakes. This not only helps in improving your personal letter but also increases the chances of getting admission by making a better impression.

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