Top Ten Plastic Surgeons

All over the world plastic surgery is becoming popular day by day. People have started realizing that the external look being an integral part of personality and there are options to look better by altering look with the help of plastic surgeons. Most of the times people interested for a plastic surgery to be done ask for who are the top ten plastic surgeons available in a particular region. People are always apprehensive about the after effect of a surgery, but when they see the testimonials and also the accolade the top 10 plastic surgeons have won, they start building trust in them. It is really difficult to rank top ten plastic surgeons. This is because there is no agency which does the similar kind of work. There may be a professional agency which accredits the practitioners or provides them licenses for legal practice, however when it comes to evaluate their current practice then it is really difficult to do so. However, depending on several factors the top ten plastic surgeons can be chosen. Those factors could be the number of cases they are doing per annum, the cost comparison, effectiveness of surgery and lesser number of repetition for same case and patient feedbacks. Sometimes post specialization and super specialization training also can be considered to rank the top ten plastic surgeons. However most of the times this comparison is very subjective and there may be other surgeons who are good and do not come into picture because of their involvement in public health sector or other reasons. However there should be a methodology to choose such doctors and decide a proper methodology and plan to carry out this exercise such as if patient feedback is considered a bigger sample size and a stratified approach would be more realistic and practical to get a broad view yet target oriented approach is maintained. While doing this exercise, there should be collection of enough data and specific tools and techniques should be used to rank the top ten plastic surgeons. To take an example of a tool, a questionnaire for patient can be designed containing both open and closed ended questions to get maximum input from them. When the data collection is done there should be a proper approach to segregate the data and then analyze them with the help of experts and there should be some scalability. If this has to be published then the assumptions should be recorded along with the publication to share the list of leading plastic surgeons.

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