What Are The Medical School Admission Requirements?

Medical studies are one of the most popular and sought after profession in the world. In this profession you get everything- fame, money, and job satisfaction. Likewise, this makes admission in medical school a tough one. There are virtually thousands of aspirants every year.

The admission process includes four stages- sitting for the MCAT exam, applying through the AMCAS application, letters of recommendation and finally the personal statement. It is very important to have good grades and MCAT scores to make it into a medical college. But yet these two are not enough to secure a seat in a medical school.

Medical school requirements do not simply end with a person with high grades. People who can demonstrate high qualities of leadership, intelligence, integrity, maturity and dedication to serve people and the society are the best suitable candidates for this profession.

Nearly all students can maintain good grades and good MCAT scores but what makes you different as a potential candidate is your involvement in extra-curricular activities. The more you are involved in these activities, the more chances you have to get a seat in a medical school. Following are some of the activities that a Medical School Admissions Committee takes into account:

Clinical Experience- If you are involved with a community or organization that works for the improvement of the chronically ill and disabled, then you are likely to get good results. Get involved in organizations that help people with conditions like multiple sclerosis, mental retardation, cystic fibrosis, battered women and children, drug addicted babies, spinal cord injuries, and AIDS patients.

Research Experience- Experience in research work also counts. Many would think that this is only necessary for those who are applying for a PhD course but the fact is- as a physician in the future you will be doing a lot of research work.

Teaching Experience- A doctor needs to posses same qualities of imparting knowledge, like a teacher. The only difference is he does this to his patients and not the students. So, an active role in any kind of teaching during the undergraduate studies is taken note of by the Medical School Admissions Committee.

Teaching experience in any field such as the teachings of bible in a place of worship, teaching a musical instrument, teaching kids in a kindergarten or any thing else is taken into account by the Medical School Admissions Committee.

Other Miscellaneous Works- Finally, any kind of volunteer work in a hospital or private clinic also helps. This helps in explaining the Admissions Committee that you are quite dedicated to this profession.

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