What You Get With the Oneplan Health Insurance Elite Plan

Are you looking for comprehensive medical cover for you and your family, but you feel like it is out of your reach? Well look no further than the new kid on the medical block, Oneplan Health Insurance.

Oneplan entered the South African market with the aim of making health care affordable to all South Africans, and with their basic plan starting from as little as R100 per month they are surely delivering on their promise. So if you are looking for comprehensive care and cover then look no further than Oneplan health insurance.

Here is a look at their Elite Plan and what they will offer you along with all of the value added extras and goodies that you will get just for being a member.

The Benefits of the Oneplan Health Insurance Elite Plan

The Elite Plan from Oneplan Health Insurance is designed to offer you and your family comprehensive cover for almost every medical situation that can arise. And for only R 750 per month for a single member you will be able to rest assured that you are covered no matter what your medical need might be. And for only R 1 308 per month you and your spouse will enjoy the same benefits and if you have a child you will only need to pay R 1 545 per month to ensure that your entire family is covered.

With the Oneplan Health Insurance Elite Plan you will enjoy medical benefits of up to R22 560 per year as a single member on all your basic health needs, including, doctor and dental visits, specialist visits, scripted medication, repeat scripted medication, radiology, pathology and maternity and per-birth care.

Furthermore you will have full accident and disability cover, as well as cover in case of emergency illnesses, illness in hospital and dread disease cover. You and your family will also be covered in case of death, both accidental and from natural causes.

As a Oneplan Health Insurance member you will also have access to the 24hour medical emergency line, which will give you assistance and guidance when you need it most, and in the case of a serious and justifiable emergency an ambulance will be deployed to take the member to the nearest and most applicable medical facility.

Is the Oneplan Health Insurance Elite Plan for You?

Those looking for more than just basic cover and those who want their family to be covered no matter what medical situation might arise will benefit from the Oneplan Health Insurance Elite Plan.

But besides from just benefitting on the medical side of things all Oneplan Health Insurance Members have access to the OneLifestyle online mall where they will be able to get great discounts and savings on over 300 brands. Thus if you are looking for the best cover for you and your loved ones then look no further than the Oneplan Elite plan. And with all the value added extras there is no reason not to join today.

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