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In this fast-paced world, online education has emerged as the most convenient medium of education. Apart from the flexibility of time and location, it also gives a lot of options to a prospective student.

Online education has a lot of advantages. First is the financial factor. Studying in a medical school involves huge expenses and it is not possible for everyone to afford it.

The fee that they charge is not so huge. The second advantage is flexibility and convenience. Through this mode of education a student can learn at his own pace.

Other medical schools providing online education include, the WIU Interactive Online, Boston University, George Washington University, and Jones International University A.T.

The provision of medical school loans helps medical students receive an education of their choice. That is, students no longer need to compromise on the quality education because of the lesser funds.

Medical education is a very expensive. It requires a huge some of money to buy medical textbooks and equipment. The tuition fee charged by the medical schools is also very heavy.

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Medical education loans help those poor students who could not afford the cost of their medical studies in different medical school across the globe.


First successful self incision surgery

Laparoscopic specialized surgeons fruitfully removed a patient’s kidney by performing an exceptional nephrectomy through belly button. The associate professor of urology and radiology, Dr. Jeffrey Cadeddu performed the first of its kind “single keyhole access” surgery. The procedure was done with just a single incision which will leave patient with a barely noticeable scar in navel. Dr. Cadeddu, owner of clinical centre for minimally invasive treatment of urologic cancer said that he is proud of such a surgical technique. He said that laparoscopic surgeries give very small incisions, less pain and faster recovery to patients. The further extension of laparoscopic surgery is transumbilical technique which will literally remove scarring from patient’s body. The chairman of urology at UT southwestern, Dr. Claus Roehrborn told that single access surgery is major advancement which will make surgeries less persistent. He is also the director of the Sarah M. and Charles E. Seay Center for Pediatric Urology and was proud that Dr. Cadeddu is the first to perform such a surgery. He proudly said that the removal of intact organ in this manner is a testament of advancement in clinical medicines made at UT southwestern. Dr. Cadeddu used recently developed set of high dexterity instrument known as RealHand for this surgery. The instrument is manufactured by Novare Surgical Systems. This high tech instrument allowed surgeons to perform maneuvers which were otherwise difficult to perform. The success of new laparoscopic procedures will explore options for surgeons. Through this technique less painful and reduced incision surgeries can be done.