Derive More Value From Your Current Medical Aid Scheme

It’s no new news that in our current economic climate people are having a hard time to make ends meet. In order to cope with these hard times people are starting to tighten the belt, cutting on costs where ever they can.

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Keeping check on our expenditure means that we are downscaling and cutting out certain lifestyle luxuries. Medical aid cover has fallen victim to this category and more and more people are buying down to lower options in order to try and save some money.

Sometime though your health status won’t allow you to be adequately covered on lower options and instead, you may require enhanced benefits.

Maximized Medical Aid And Longer Lasting Cover
If you want to maximize your medical aid you will need to ensure that they last longer. The more beneficiaries you can cover with one process the better.

If you want to be sure that your medical aid will pay for a certain procedure you will need to have a thorough concept of what you are covered for.

Wherever possible, try to call in beforehand to get formal authorization for the admission or procedure.

Members are actually encouraged to discuss things like this with them personally and to get first hand information on any disclaimers and exclusions that may result in you having to pay excess. If you don’t you may just have to pay for a very expensive hospital trip on your own!

Bargain, Negotiate, Communicate And Save!
While medical aid isn’t something you buy from a street stall, you can still use your bargaining skills to get a better price! It is in your best interest to get into the habit of negotiating discounts with your service providers if you want to get more out of their given benefits.

This is especially helpful should you see a doctor that charges private rates, since most schemes will only pay what their rates indicate and the excess of that is your problem!

Paying the service provider in cash will take you far when negotiating discounts and if you only use the designated service providers you can expect to benefit from their many pre-negotiated discounts, effectively preserving your benefits.

Doing Your Part
Times are hard and money scarce so it’s natural that people will want to pay as little as possible while still expecting (or hoping) to gain the derive maximum benefit there off. When it comes to medicinal aid though it isn’t that easy and in order to get this you will have to spend a lot of time on your plan. It will require a great deal of involvement from you, so you should be prepared.

Remember to keep information and items like your X-rays and laboratory results. These are your property and can play a big role in saving your medical aid cover amount. By simply offering your doctor your recent tests and results you could avoid a new battery of medical tests, and effectively reduce the number of required consultations.

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