Seeking Admission To The Harvard Medical School

The Harvard Medical School is one of the most prestigious medical schools in the world. The Harvard is a renowned name, not only for its quality education and research but also for the outstanding students that it churns out every year. The admission process here is lengthy and also quite selective.

All the aspiring students who wish to get admission in this school can apply through AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service). The students who mark Harvard School of Medicine in their AMCAS are given a supplemental form. The applicants are required to fill this along with the requisite fees before 1st November. After properly scrutinizing the documents and scores of an individual, the admission committee sends calling letters to the deserving candidates by the first week of January.

But there are certain factors that are well considered before selecting a student. These are: * Overall academic records of the student. * Personal statement or statement of purpose. * MCAT or Medical College Admission Test Score. * Extracurricular activities like community work. * Research work in the field of health. * Letters of recommendation.

The college also states that a student has to fulfill the following requirements to get admission into the Harvard School of Medicine-

* Provide substantial evidence that they would use their intellectual and personal qualities to the maximum in this profession. * Demonstrate competency in biological and physical sciences as well as subjects of social sciences and humanities. * For people who have done their study outside the United States and Canada, they have to submit proof of at least one year of education in the United States or Canada.

Besides the above information, as a medical applicant you should also know following FAQs about the admission procedure:

1. What are the deadlines for applying to Harvard Medical School? And. For the AMCAS application, the deadline is 15th October and the deadline for the supplemental application is 1st November.

2. Is there any age limit to apply to the Harvard School of Medicine? Ans. The University makes its admissions devoid of any discrimination on the basis of race, color, caste, creed, sex, age, and gender.

3. Is there any special admission process for a disabled student? And. There are certain technical standard guidelines provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges. Every college strictly follows these rules and makes sure that no discrimination is made against a disabled student.

4. If somebody wants to withdraw their application, is the supplemental application fees refunded? Ans. If a student willingly decides that he or she is ineligible to get admission and wants to withdraw their application then the fees is returned back.

Regarding the fees and tuition cost of studying, it is subjected to change every year. But still on an average, an unmarried first-year student has to pay approximately $60,000 for one academic year. This includes the costs like – tuition, insurance premium, health service fee, room and board, travel, books, transportation to clinical sites, laundry and incidentals.

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