Some Simple Tips To Stop Pimples During Pregnancy

Like any other person, a pregnant woman also wants to stop pimple during pregnancy. In fact, the chances of pimples are more during pregnancy. This is because the hormonal changes responsible for increased production of sebum are at their peak during this period . This extra quantity of sebum ultimately results in the appearance of pimples on the face or any other part of the skin of pregnant woman.

Medicines May Be Harmful

There are several medicines available for the treatment of pimples in the market. However, the problem with the pregnant woman is that she cannot take medicines because these may harm the unborn child. That is why how to stop the pimples during pregnancy is a difficult question to answer.

You may be eager to stop the pimples during pregnancy, but you need to take the advice of the doctor before using any kind of medicine for it. This is true even if you have used such medicines before. For example, Retin A definitely cures acne, but it is not suitable for the pregnant woman.

However, there are safe products also available in the market to stop pimples during pregnancy. For example, topical benzoyl peroxide has no side effects and one can use it without consulting any doctor to stop pimples during pregnancy. The only precaution you need to take while using it is to use it in only a small quantity. Moreover, do not use it if any other chemical is mixed in it that is harmful for the baby.

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