The Benefits of the One Plan Health Insurance Executive Hospital Plan

Medical care needs not be expensive and just reserved for the rich; everybody should be able to afford it. But unfortunately this is not the case, as the costs of proper medical care just keeps on increasing year after year, which means that less and less people are able to afford it.

But don’t despair because Oneplan health insurance has arrived with the aim of making comprehensive health care available to all South Africans. So if you are looking to cover your family in case of a medical emergency then look no further. Here is a look at the Oneplan Executive Hospital Plan and what it will offer you.

Why the Executive Hospital Plan is Better for You
For only R320 per month for a single member, and R 530 for a couple, and R 606 per month for a family with a child you will enjoy comprehensive hospital care. This plan can be take out alone, or it can be taken out in conjunction with another Oneplan Health Insurance Plan.

With the Oneplan Health Insurance Executive Hospital Plan you will be covered in case of dread disease, natural birth and emergency caesareans, as well as emergency illnesses, accident cover and illness in hospital.

Furthermore you will also enjoy the peace of mind that you are covered in case of accidental disability for up to R130 000 for the duration of the policy, You will also receive family death cover of R 10 000 for main members, spouses and children 14-21 years. Children 6-13years will be covered for R 5000, children 1-5 years will receive R 2500 worth of cover and unborn children 28 weeks to 0 years will be covered for R 1250.

You and your family will also be covered in case of accidental exposure to HIV/AIDS that was contracted after the policy was taken out. And you will receive up to R 10 000 per family per year.

You will also receive cover under the Personal Protection Program for two incidents per year in case of crime related traumas and domestic violence. You will have access to a counsellor and access to a shelter in case of domestic violence.

Is the Executive Hospital Plan For You?

Anybody who is looking to add a little extra protection to their medical schemes in case of an emergency will benefit greatly from this plan. Those that are looking to save a little extra money by planning for the major medical events rather than the small daily ones will also find that this plan offers them comprehensive cover for all eventualities.

Thus if you are looking for the best possible cover and care for you and your loved ones then investing in the executive hospital plan from Oneplan health insurance is definitely for you. And with all of the value added extras and goodies you get for just being a member there is no reason not to join today.

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